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Iminuzations Requirements - English

Iminuzations Requirements - Spanish

Application for Free and Reduced Price Meals

The School District cannot provide "free" or "reduced-priced" meals until an official determination is made by this office.     Parents are responsible for providing a meal or lunch money during this period.

Please complete a new Application for Free and Reduced Priced Meals each school year as soon as possible to receive a determination.   

Take advantage of our easy online application for free or reduced-price meals simply by clicking on the icon below.

This online system will provide faster response time for families through improved accuracy and improved efficiency of process. 
  All information is kept strictly confidential.  

Can you save hundreds of dollars this year on Breakfast and Lunch at school?, our web-based online Free & Reduced meal application system is available in English or Spanish.  Paper applications are also available at all school offices and kitchens.

Applications are also available at the Food and Nutrition Office located at 5260 Geiger Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80915. This office is located in the Transportation Complex (in big yellow warehouse) 1 block south of the intersection of Galley Rd and Wooten Blvd.  For more information, please call 719-520-2934 to contact the Free and Reduced Meal registrar. 


(Para obtener este formulario en espanol, favor de visitar la oficina de la escuela de se estudiante.)  

Availability of applications in languages other than English or Spanish

USDA/FNS provides translations of prototype (required Free and Reduced Meal application information, Letter to Parent and Instructions for Applying) materials that are available on the USDA/FNS website at to be printed.  The website provides Free and Reduced Meal material in 32 language translations for use by schools and school districts for the purpose of providing access to free or reduced meals. Please use the official preprinted District 11 application for all English and Spanish applications. There is also a Language Survey form called, "I Speak" at that is provided at this site that is different from the Home Language Survey provided by District at registration for additional help in identifying language needs.

2017-2018 Permission to Release Information Form - English

2017-2018 Permission to Release Information Form - Spanish

You may submit your completed application to any D11 School Office, D11 School Kitchen, or you may mail the completed application to:

Food and Nutrition Services, 5260 Geiger Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80915
or applications may be submitted to the Cafeteria Manager at your student's school.

Free and Reduced FAQs

May I complete an application for Free and Reduced-price meals by phone, fax, or on-line?

We are unable to accept applications by phone or fax due to our application processing system. All applications must be submitted on an official form either through our web-based system or official paper application turned in to the school offices or kitchens or to the Food and Nutrition office located at 5260 Geiger Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80915. The on-line system provides a FASTER response time through improved accuracy of data and improved efficiency of process.    What are the benefits for completing the Free and Reduced-Price Meal application?   Besides having your child receive a hot nutritious meal, it is very important for Colorado Springs School District 11 to receive the funding for these nutritious meals. Therefore, completing the Free/Reduced-Price Meal Application and returning it to your child's school or the Nutrition Services office is also as important. School districts receive much of its federal funding for students qualifying for Free/Reduced-Price meals even if you choose to not participate in the school meals program. Just by your qualifying, the district receives money for educational needs.    Who will see my application?
We may share your eligibility information with federal education programs, state health and nutrition programs to help evaluate, fund or determine benefits for their programs, audits for program state and federal reviews, district finance office.  

How do I apply for Free/Reduced-Price meal benefits for my children?

To receive meal benefits you must complete a Free/Reduced-Price meal application.  We cannot approve an application that is not complete, so please be sure to fill out all required information.

Completed applications must contain:

  • Student(s) Name(s)
  • The last 4-digits of the signing household member’s social security number OR check the box indicating "I do not have a Social Security Number"
  • If a SNAP (formerly known as Food Stamps) application, name of person receiving SNAP and the 7-digit alpha-numeric household case number
  • If an income application, total household gross income or check the box indicating "No income" for every household member
  • Adult Signature

Why do I have to reapply each year?

Federal regulation requires that we have a new application on file each school year.

30-Day Carryover from Prior-Year

Students who were on free and reduced meal status at the end of the previous school year will “carry-over”

Their prior year’s eligibility status for the first 30 days of school or until a new application is received. This allows for student’s nutritional needs while parents are in the process of reapplying.

Why should I keep the Eligibility Status Letter?

Some programs within District 11 as well as out of the district may reduce fees if you can show proof that your child qualifies for free or reduced price meals. A student's school meal eligibility status will not be released for any other purpose unless a parent or guardian has consented in writing using the official District 11 Information Release form located on this page. 

Why was my application selected for verification?

Federal guidelines require us to conduct income verification of at least 3% of all applications on file each year.  Applications are randomly selected for verification by our computer system.  Within a specified time period, parents/guardians must provide adequate documentation to verify income or information from the application they submitted. If the adequate documentation is not provided, the student could lose free or reduced-price meal benefits.

Why did my child's free/reduced status at the beginning of the year change to full paid status?

The following are some scenarios why you might have changed to a full paid status:

  • Federal guidelines require a new application every school year.  If you do not complete a new application within 30 student contact days from the first day of school, your children will automatically change to full paid status.
  • Federal guidelines require a random verification of information on applications once a year.  If you do not submit the required documentation within the verification time frame, your student(s) will change to full paid status.

 How do I know what my child's meal status will be?

Once your application has been processed, we will send you a notification letter stating what your child's meal status will be.  Please keep this letter for your records. The letter will be sent home through the school in your child’s backpack for all households with students in an elementary so please be sure to check your student’s backpack regularly. Households with students in Middle and High school level only will receive their letters by mail and in some cases by email, so please be sure to keep you street address and email address current and up-to-date at your student’s school.

What happens if I do not return the application?

Your household will be required to pay the full price for any meal your child purchases at school or you can provide a lunch from home.

Please direct further questions regarding the Free & Reduced application to this office at (719) 520-2934.